Excel Technology is a leading business application solution provider, with a special focus in banking and finance solution, in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. The Excel group of companies are principally engaged in (i) the development, sale and implementation of enterprise software; (ii) the operation of the Application Service Provider (ASP) business; (iii) IT professional service and outsourcing; and (iv) systems integration and provision of third party IT products. Excel has been providing its software solutions and services to multinational and regional companies, banks, securities and finance companies for more than 20 years.

Excel was founded in 1988 to provide information technology consultancy in Hong Kong. In 1996, we established the Excel Software Centre to develop business application packages principally targeting the banking and finance sector. Starting 2000, we have expanded our business into China and Southeast Asia. Currently, we have more than 500 professionals supporting many prestigious clients throughout the region. We have our headquarter in Hong Kong, and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan of China, as well as in Taipei, Singapore and Malaysia.  Excel Technology is part of the company listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX:8048).
Excel offers a full range of scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' expanding IT needs in the following areas.
Enterprise Software Development and Deployment
Over the past 20 years, Excel has developed a suite of enterprise software products in the area of retail banking, lending, securities trading, wealth management, treasury operations, settlement and custodian business. These software receive high level of acceptance by the industry as many banks in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia have deployed them locally, or even regionally, to support their businesses.

The open architecture of our software products allow them to be fully integrated with other systems, making them an integral part of our clients’ business operations. Excel keeps itself closely abreast of the latest business and technological developments, and devotes significant resources to researching and developing new functions and features for these enterprise software to ensure they stay in the forefront of the industry advancement.
Application Service Provider (ASP)
Through i21, a joint venture with iBusiness Corporation Limited, Excel offers seamless Application Service Provider (ASP) solutions (a.k.a SaaS or Software as a Service) to business corporations, thus linking Excel's strong product development and technological expertise with the established marketing, trusted branding, customer reach and network base of iBusiness partners. Clients can enjoy proven and quality business applications through the Internet or leased network with related data center and operations support as a one-stop service.
IT Professional Services & Outsourcing
We provides project managers and consultants to help our customers on various IT and software related tasks such as feasibility study, requirement analysis, system design, application development, system testing and data conversion etc. We can assign our consultants to work on a particular project of our customers with specific deliverables, or we can assign our consultants with specific skills and experiences on a time-and-materials basis. Furthermore, our Software Centers in China also provide offshore outsourcing services to customers who want to take the cost advantage of doing software development in China.
Systems and Product Integration
Excel is an authorized reseller of a suite of renowned IT products, including high-end servers, database management systems, and document image servers. These third party hardware and software often form parts of an integrated solution that bundles Excel's enterprise software products and development projects. Excel provides turnkey systems and one-stop support services as a total solution.
  The Excel Software Center is an integral part of Excel. Its mission is to:  
Perform design, development and testing on our enterprise software
Provide application development service for customers
Be a testing ground for Excel to research on new software technologies
Be a training center to provide quality software development training 
  Managed by a team of highly capable technical and management staff, and equipped with various kinds of development environment, our Software Center is set out to develop high quality software with special focus in banking, securities and insurance industry. Stringent development standards and guidelines are established to ensure high quality output. Quality assurance procedures are in place to provide quality checkpoints in the various milestones of the development cycles.  

In the software business, strong and quality local support is as important as good quality product. Our enterprise software are implemented, and maintained by virtual teams comprising local consultants near our clients and experts in our Software Center , together they provide reliable, stable and high quality support service to our clients.    

Being close to our clients, our local staff can provide swift and quick response to requests from our clients.  Being close to our clients also allow these local staff to understand more about the business, the environment, the policies and procedures of our clients, enable them to offer practical and appropriate services to them.
Excel has a deep-rooted culture of pursuing for excellence, which becomes the cornerstone of our company philosophy. We aspire to achieve excellence not just in technology but in professionalism as well, and we could only do that with a team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced professionals. 

Excel's senior management has worked together for many years and some as early as 1988. Their combined IT experience and their many successful projects with international banks, financial institutions and multinational corporations in Asia enable them to put the right focus on quality, which is a strong assuring factor to Excel partners and customers.

Our technical staff members are mostly college graduates with good system development experience. Excel's ongoing training program ensures our staff members are in the forefront of the latest technology and development methodology.

Superior products and quality services lead to long-term patronage and referrals from major clients which spurred Excel's rapid growth.  

Among Excel's respected banking and finance sector customers are ANZ Bank, Bank of China (HK), Bank of East Asia, BNP Paribas, Citicorp/Citibank, Citic Ka Wah Bank, Dah Sing Bank, DBS Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Heng Sang Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, MEVAS Bank, Overseas Chinese Bank,  Standard Chartered Bank, UBS, United Overseas Bank, and Wing Lung Bank.  

Major public and commercial sector customers include the Airport Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hitachi Cable, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation, and various departments of the Hong Kong Government.

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